LifestyleBold TikTok influencer opens up about battling PCOS, hirsutism and online criticism

Bold TikTok influencer opens up about battling PCOS, hirsutism and online criticism

She suffers from excessive facial hair.
She suffers from excessive facial hair.
Images source: © TikTok | @zoeantonia_

7:04 AM EST, January 15, 2024

The British tabloid "The Sun" recently covered this story. The girl manages her channel on TikTok under the username @zoeantonia_. Currently, she has a following of nearly 296 thousand internet users, which continues to surge.

The influencer periodically uploads videos on the Chinese platform, where she discloses her experiences with PCOS and hirsutism. She underscores that living with these conditions is not as straightforward as some may presume. Comments suggesting that she should shave more often can be particularly upsetting.

Girl with facial hair is told by haters that she should constantly shave

The TikToker emphasizes removing hair from areas such as her cheeks, chin, and neck using a particular thread every two weeks. This process is not only painful but also irritating. Regrettably, it also triggers the regrowth of even darker and thicker hair. Recently, she has started to employ laser treatments.

Regrettably, numerous internet users do not comprehend the severity of her situation. Often, she comes across distressing comments under the videos she posts online. One individual recently commented, "You should always be shaving".

"Thank you for your comment, but if the solution was that simple, I don't think we would even be having this conversation. Right?" Zoe sharply responded.

Several other users also declared their battle with hirsutism. "Nobody understands our struggles!" one of them stated. "I have to shave every day, and there's still stubble by the end of the day," lamented another.

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