TechBoeing's files leaked online following cybercriminal threat

Boeing's files leaked online following cybercriminal threat

Boeing airplane at the airport
Boeing airplane at the airport
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8:49 PM EST, November 14, 2023

Boeing recently fell victim to a cyberattack, and in a show of defiance, refused to meet the attackers' demands. In response, the cybercriminals, who showed no mercy, proceeded to release the stolen data onto the internet.

In late October 2023, Boeing was targeted by a ransomware cyberattack, proven to be the handiwork of the LockBit group. The group demanded a ransom, threatening to disclose the "sensitive data" they had accessed if Boeing did not comply. The American aircraft giant stood its ground and refused to cooperate with the cybercriminals, resulting in them fulfilling their threat.

Boeing Pays the Price for Non-cooperation

The LockBit group initially threatened to release 4 GB worth of files by November 2, if no ransom was received. However, the volume of files that eventually went online was significantly larger.

BleepingComputer reports that the LockBit group released backup copies they had stolen from Boeing's servers. This amounted to approximately 47 GB of files, rounded up from the original 43 GB. The leaked files consist of various data, including IT management software configurations, audit logs, and monitoring reports, the most recent of which date back to October 22, 2023.

LockBit - The Group that Stirs Terror

LockBit is recognized as one of the most formidable cybercrime groups globally. According to FBI statistics since 2020, they are believed to have orchestrated around 1,700 attacks, amassing approximately $91 billion. Before Boeing, numerous organizations had fallen prey to LockBit, including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), China's ICBC bank, British Mail Service, the Italian Tax Office, Continental Company, and Canadian distributor Indigo Books and Music.

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