Local NewsBodies found near Ensenada linked to missing tourists' case

Bodies found near Ensenada linked to missing tourists' case

Three bodies found in Mexico. They are likely the missing tourists.
Three bodies found in Mexico. They are likely the missing tourists.
Images source: © East News | GUILLERMO ARIAS

7:47 AM EDT, May 5, 2024

In the vicinity of the Baja California Peninsula, close to where three foreign tourists were reported missing last weekend, authorities have discovered three bodies. These individuals were found in a remote area, challenging for investigators to reach.

The State Attorney General indicated that the bodies possess characteristics, strongly suggesting they are the missing individuals.

"Three bodies were located south of Ensenada and were retrieved during a specialized operation due to their position in a hard-to-reach location," the investigators shared in a statement.

An autopsy and further examinations are underway to confirm their identities and ascertain the causes of death, the prosecution noted.

The tourists disappeared while on vacation

Three men in their 30s—a pair of brothers from Australia and their American friend—were enjoying their vacation in the vicinity of the well-liked tourist destination of Ensenada, in northwestern Mexico, when they vanished a week ago. About their disappearance, Mexican authorities have detained and are currently questioning three individuals.

Baja California is notoriously known as one of Mexico's most violence-stricken states, primarily due to rampant drug cartel activities. However, the town of Ensenada is generally considered to be relatively secure.

A U.S. State Department spokesperson, commenting on the disappearance and the recent discovery, stated, "We are aware of these reports and are closely monitoring the situation." The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has mentioned that the Australian embassy in Mexico is actively working with Mexican officials and the Australian Federal Police.

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