NewsBodies found in ice cream vans. A gruesome recording from the Gaza

Bodies found in ice cream vans. A gruesome recording from the Gaza

Mobile crematoriums in the Gaza Strip
Mobile crematoriums in the Gaza Strip
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7:26 AM EDT, October 17, 2023, updated: 7:50 AM EDT, October 17, 2023

After the Hamas attack, Israel is preparing to respond. A military operation in Gaza seems to be a matter of time. Unfortunately, the number of civilian casualties among Palestinians is increasing. There's even no place to store bodies. A shocking video with an ice cream van is circulating around the internet.

Over two million people live in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Armed Forces are appealing to half of them to move south due to the actions being carried out by the army against Hamas. However, the Palestinian organization forbids Gaza residents from leaving their homes.

According to the latest information, about 2750 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have already been killed as a result of Israel's retaliatory actions after the Hamas attack. There are many victims, and certainly their number will increase. According to estimates, up to a thousand people may be under the rubble of collapsed houses.

Meanwhile, thousands of Israeli reservists have been gathered at the border with the Zone. It seems that the entry of troops into Palestinian territories is only a matter of time.

Gaza Strip: They hide bodies in ice cream vehicles

In connection with the increasing number of victims, Palestinians are taking dramatic actions. They no longer have a place to store bodies. A recording has gone viral showing vehicles designed for transporting ice. However, instead of these, human bodies are found inside.

It looks terrifying. What's more, on one of these vehicles there's supposed to be an ad featuring the face of a smiling child. Below is a recording of the "mobile morgue".

Will the war with Israel move to the Gaza Strip?

On October 7th, when Hamas attacked Israel, the fighting took place mainly in the south of the country. Terrorists took over kibbutzim, murdered civilians. They kidnapped dozens of people, whose fate is unknown. As a result of the combatants' actions, 1,400 Israelis were killed.

Retribution is bloody and brutal. The number of victims on the Palestinian side is approaching 3,000. Gideon Sa’ar, a minister in the cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that it is necessary to completely destroy Hamas, as it will continue to pose a threat to Israel. Unfortunately, the civilian population suffers as a result.

It is still unknown how many people are being held in Palestinian captivity. There are reports of a group ranging from 120 to as many as 199 kidnapped. Some of them, according to reports from the Gaza Strip, are dying in airstrikes.

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