EntertainmentBocelli invites him on stage. Tears flow as everyone recognizes him

Bocelli invites him on stage. Tears flow as everyone recognizes him

Roger Federer at Andrea Bocelli's concert
Roger Federer at Andrea Bocelli's concert
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1:04 PM EST, November 23, 2023

Roger Federer was the honored guest at Andrea Bocelli's concert in Zurich. The renowned Italian tenor concluded his concert by dedicating his final aria to the legendary tennis star and inviting him to join him on stage.

Roger Federer's plethora of successes is remarkable. This Swiss magus of the tennis court began to bewitch audiences at the turn of the century. His triumphs span every Grand Slam tournament, while his rivalries with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Federer officially retired from his professional career in 2022. An emotionally charged event, his final farewell saw him being honored by his peers, including Nadal and Djokovic, as well as fans from all corners of the globe.

Even as a retired 42-year-old, Federer keeps his fans and followers captivated. Though he has recently resumed training, one might expect him to only participate in legends' tournaments. Following his competitive career, Federer enjoys a highly respected status not just within the tennis community but far beyond it.

Federer served as a special guest at Andrea Bocelli's concert in Zurich. Beyond lending his presence, Federer shared the stage with Bocelli as the concert came to a close. This was a personal tribute from the Italian tenor who dedicated his final rendition of Nessun Dorma to Federer.

"Having a living legend like Roger Federer amongst us tonight is an honor. It brings me great joy to dedicate this last aria to him, a simple expression of gratitude for the countless moments of emotion he has given us," Andrea Bocelli said.

The emotional tribute moved the legendary tennis player deeply. Federer, noticeably stirred by Bocelli's powerful vocals, was seen wiping tears from his eyes during the aria. Besides applauding the Italian performer fervently, Federer raised his hand high, signifying a triumphant gesture akin to a boxing referee marking a winner.

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