AutosBMW rejects downsizing: R6 and V8 engines to remain in the lineup

BMW rejects downsizing: R6 and V8 engines to remain in the lineup

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
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1:47 PM EST, December 11, 2023

Unlike Mercedes, BMW has no intention of using smaller engines in the performance versions of their models.

Mercedes-AMG models sporting a four-cylinder engine are not new. The manufacturer has been utilizing small engines in such models as the A45 AMG and has recently gone a step further by incorporating the same concept in larger vehicles.

One such instance is the new C63, which features a two-liter engine supported by an additional electric engine. This design - to say the least - did not particularly captivate customers accustomed to V8s. BMW, being conscious of this competition, has resolved to tread its path.

Frank van Meel, the Head of BMW M, provided more insights into BMW's approach in a recent interview with "Car Expert" magazine. He said that introducing a small engine and a battery under the hood of M models is "not the right way" for the brand. He believes that while electrification is beneficial and necessary, it should only be used as a subtle enhancement to the combustion engine in the context of M models.

"We prefer to keep a strong base engine, rather than combining smaller units with larger batteries. Going forward, our preference is to make a direct transition to fully electric drive, and to do it right, " van Meel explained.

The company plans to continue using six-cylinder inline engines and V8s for as long as feasible. This decision should surely be welcomed by the purists.

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