EntertainmentBillionaire's daughter goes viral. Video with 11-year-old reaches 84 million views

Billionaire's daughter goes viral. Video with 11‑year-old reaches 84 million views

Moo Abraham, daughter of billionaires Adam and Emily Abraham.
Moo Abraham, daughter of billionaires Adam and Emily Abraham.
Images source: © Instagram, TikTok | Love Luxury

6:23 AM EST, December 4, 2023

The visage of an 11-year-old clad in an array of precious jewelry might surprise many. Videos of Moo Abraham, borne of billionaires, are causing an internet sensation, witnessing unprecedented online attention.

Eleven-year-old Moo Abraham's videos are the latest internet sensation. The teenager is the child of Adam and Emily Abraham - the creators of "Love Luxury", a thriving business specializing in the sale of pre-loved luxury apparel and accessories. The success of their enterprise has catapulted them into billionaire status.

The Abrahams' personal accomplishments, though noteworthy, are not what's stirring the pot. The family's social media accounts, especially their TikTok profile under the name "Love Luxury" followed by 1.8 million users, draw attention and criticism. Here, the notion of "billionaire's daughter" is often flirted with in titles and hashtags; however, it is undeniably Moo who generates the most interest.

The trigger for viral sensation and ensuing discussions was a video where the company's social media manager questioned Moo about the cost of her current outfit.

The prices incurred are indeed staggering: a wristwatch costing 10,000 pounds (approximately $13,300), a ring valued at around 3,000 pounds (about $4,000), a bracelet for 18,000 pounds (roughly $23,940), and a purse for 20,000 pounds (approximately $26,600). The accessories like the purse and jewelry amounted to 58,000 pounds, roughly $77,340. Furthermore, Moo is often seen clad in high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Gucci, adding hundreds, if not thousands, to the value of her attire.

There are numerous similar videos. For instance, in one recording, Moo and her mother are shopping for a rather grandiose gift for her father- a private jet. They also frequently indulge in shopping sprees and showcase various items available in their store.

"Moo has always loved being in the spotlight. Whether it's performing dance routines or gymnastics, singing songs from 'Frozen', or simply displaying her confident and flamboyant nature, she's always had an affinity for the camera," Emily Abraham lovingly describes their daughter in an interview with Business Insider.

"Billionaire's Daughter" Faces Waves of Criticism — Why?

The capability to comment on Low Luxury's most popular TikTok videos has been disabled. With the profile amassing 58.1 million likes alongside a top post that garnered over 84 million views, one might wonder why the comments were disabled. The flashy lifestyle in these videos has attracted heated criticism targeted at the Abrahams.

Several users found the videos featuring the billionaire couple's daughter--and their overall extravagant lifestyle--slightly distasteful. Some internet users argue that such ostentation is objectionable, given the UK's ongoing issues with inflation and economic crises where the Abrahams reside. Critics further mention the stark contrast between Moo's luxurious lifestyle and her peers, who must settle for cheaper, plastic toys.

Commentaries of this nature urged the Abrahams to disable the comment feature on videos where Moo was the focal point. Regardless, they have continued to share content and Moo remains a frequent participant. Currently, most comments on these videos tend to be favorable.

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