NewsBiden's tightrope walk: Responding to US soldiers' killing in Jordan without escalating Middle East conflict

Biden's tightrope walk: Responding to US soldiers' killing in Jordan without escalating Middle East conflict

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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12:25 PM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:37 AM EST, March 7, 2024

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that he had decided on how to respond to the attack on the U.S. military base in Jordan. However, he did not reveal any specific details.

When asked about whether he had made his decision in response to Sunday's attack while on his way from the White House to the Marine One helicopter, the president confirmed but did not disclose what he had decided.

He emphasized, "We don't need a wider war in the Middle East."

Biden held Iran accountable for the attack, suggesting that they supplied weapons to those who carried it out. However, the U.S. president underscored the importance of maintaining a balance in punishing the perpetrators, minimizing their capabilities, and restoring deterrence.

The assault on Tower 22 base

The attack on the Tower 22 base located near the Jordan-Syrian border on Sunday was earmarked as the first among more than 160 attacks conducted by Iran's supporters in the past four months, causing severe injuries and damage.

Three reserve soldiers from the U.S. Army based in Georgia - two women and one man - were killed, with over 40 injuries reported.

The White House has yet to release any information regarding the president's decision on responding to the attack. On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the response would be robust, involve multiple levels and phases, and potentially be long-lasting.

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