NewsBiden's speech gets heated as pro-Palestinian protesters demand Gaza ceasefire

Biden's speech gets heated as pro‑Palestinian protesters demand Gaza ceasefire

The protesters interrupted Joe Biden's speech.
The protesters interrupted Joe Biden's speech.
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3:38 AM EST, January 9, 2024

During his second pre-election speech, U.S. President Joe Biden was disrupted while speaking at a Charleston, South Carolina church. Pro-Palestinian protesters sought to interrupt him.

As Joe Biden took the stage, his supporters began chanting, "Four more years!". Despite this initial excitement, a dissenting group quickly made their sentiments known. The protesters were advocating for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The protesters disrupted the President's speech at a critical moment, passionately demanding that Israel be called for a truce in Gaza. "If you truly value human life, you would advocate for a ceasefire", shouted the protesters.

Initially, the pro-Palestinian supporters were silenced by Biden's supporters chanting "Four more years!" and were subsequently escorted from the room. "I understand this passion. But I  am diligently working with the Israeli government to persuade it to limit (military action) and majorly withdraw from Gaza," Biden responded shortly after. He assured me he was doing everything possible to make this happen.

Biden's speech took place on Monday at the African Methodist Episcopal Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, a site of a tragic event in 2015 when right-wing extremist Dylan Roof murdered nine people. His speech primarily addressed racism and discrimination, the economy, and the risks associated with Donald Trump's candidacy. He did not address the conflict in the Middle East again.

For several weeks, U.S. spokespeople have emphasized the necessity for de-escalation in the Gaza Strip and the need for robust civilian protection in light of the thousands of civilian casualties.

This topic will also be at the forefront of discussions during the forthcoming visit to Israel by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

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