US NewsBiden's response to pro-Palestinian disruptions at healthcare speech: "They have a point"

Biden's response to pro‑Palestinian disruptions at healthcare speech: "They have a point"

Biden's response to pro-Palestinian disruptions at healthcare speech: "They have a point"
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7:42 AM EDT, March 27, 2024

During his healthcare speech on Tuesday, President Joe Biden acknowledged the concerns of pro-Palestinian protesters who disrupted the event, stating, "They have a point."

"What about the health care in Gaza?"

During a speech in North Carolina on Tuesday, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted President Biden, who later acknowledged their concerns, admitting they "have a point" regarding "care in Gaza."

As two protesters disrupted President Biden's speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, by loudly inquiring, "What about the health care in Gaza?" they were removed from the venue. In response to their claims that hospitals in Gaza were under attack and accusations of his complicity in genocide, Biden affirmed, "Everybody deserves health care," and urged the audience to "be patient with them."

Biden acknowledged, "They have a point. We really need to increase care in Gaza." He then redirected the conversation, saying, "But let's return to the current topic. Did you know that pregnancy used to be seen as a preexisting condition? And for young people, before the ACA, you were removed from your parents' health plans before turning 26, right as you were starting to become independent. Things have greatly evolved since then."

Increasing protests

According to NBC News, since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7, Biden has encountered numerous anti-war protests at his engagements, particularly amid growing calls for his administration to address the civilian casualties in Gaza more assertively. Following disruptions about a dozen times during an abortion rights speech in January, his team has taken steps to reduce interruptions by organizing smaller events and delaying the release of their exact locations more than before.

President Biden gives speech on health care in Raleigh

Source: Fox News, NBC News, ABC 11

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