US NewsBiden's health raises questions as election day approaches

Biden's health raises questions as election day approaches

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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7:51 AM EDT, June 10, 2024

The presidential elections in the USA are just around the corner, and Joe Biden's condition is causing concern among the public. What ails the current president of America, and how will his condition impact the upcoming elections?

The upcoming fall presidential elections in the USA stir up much more emotion in many respects than before.

Aside from the situation in Ukraine, which will be significantly affected by the election of a new American president, the race for the White House that will take place on November 5th is generating quite a bit of controversy due to the problems faced by the potential candidates.

77-year-old Donald Trump, former president of the USA, was convicted for falsifying business records to hide contacts with an adult film actress during the campaign from eight years ago, making him the first president in US history to be convicted in a criminal case.

Meanwhile, 81-year-old Joe Biden, currently governing the USA and running for another term this fall, is experiencing increasingly noticeable memory problems.

As reported by "The Wall Street Journal", Joe Biden is finding it increasingly difficult during public appearances and interviews.

During conversations, his voice is barely audible, the president speaks unclearly, and he increasingly loses track of his conversations. He also uses notes more frequently during speeches.

Additionally, a leading US newspaper reports that, according to informants participating in meetings with the American president, he sometimes stares off into space, takes long pauses, and even... falls asleep.

What is happening with Joe Biden? White House deputy spokesperson rebuts accusations

This situation has continued since the first reports surfaced at the beginning of the year.

French media also highlighted an awkward moment a few days ago during the commemorations of the Allied landing in France in 1944. Ultimately, a recording showing Biden unable to find a chair was taken out of context.

In response to the emerging reports, White House Deputy Spokesperson Andrew Bates accused Republicans of making false claims. According to Bates, it is a political tactic.

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