NewsBiden's dog accused of biting Secret Service agents 24 times, forcing changes in operation

Biden's dog accused of biting Secret Service agents 24 times, forcing changes in operation

President Joe Biden's dog, Commander
President Joe Biden's dog, Commander
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9:04 AM EST, February 22, 2024

According to U.S Secret Service documents cited by the BBC, there were at least 24 biting incidents between October 2022 and July 2023. Commander, a German Shepherd owned by President Biden, carried out the attacks. Areas that the dog bit include the wrist, forearm, elbow, waist, chest, thigh, and shoulder.

After being penalized, the shepherd was removed from the president's residence in October. Just a week before, the dog attacked an agent, inflicting injuries that required medical treatment. In July of that same year, the dog bit another Secret Service employee's hand, leading to significant blood loss. The wound had to be stitched in six places, according to the disclosed documents.

In June, another officer suffered a "deep bite" to the shoulder from the dog, necessitating stitches. This incident led to the temporary closure of the outpatient wing of the White House due to the presence of blood on the floor.

An anonymous senior agent wrote in one of the released emails that Secret Service employees "have to be inventive to ensure their personal safety." "The recent bites have made us adjust our operational tactics when in Commander's presence - we now request more space, ideally maintaining some distance," the officer reported to the BBC.

The documents only cover incidents involving Secret Service employees, so there may have been additional incidents involving the presidential dog. This report did not include any incidents involving other individuals working on the White House grounds.

Source: BBC

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