NewsBiden's birthday wish for Trump doubles as sharp critique

Biden's birthday wish for Trump doubles as sharp critique

Joe Biden wished Donald Trump a happy birthday
Joe Biden wished Donald Trump a happy birthday
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5:58 AM EDT, June 15, 2024

Joe Biden wished his political opponent a happy birthday. However, the sitting president did not miss the chance to point out all of Donald Trump's mistakes during his presidency.

On Friday, Joe Biden wished Donald Trump a happy birthday. The sitting president of the USA could not resist some sarcasm and referred to suggestions that both he and Trump are too old to govern the country for the upcoming years.

"Happy 78th birthday, Donald. Advice from one old guy to another: age is just a number. Running for office, however, is a choice," Joe Biden wrote on platform X.

Pointed out opponent's mistakes

The birthday wishes were just a pretext for the sitting president to highlight the numerous blunders of his political opponent. He attached a video comparing the presidencies of Trump and Biden to the post.

The video did not lack often critically assessed decisions and statements by Donald Trump, including those related to taxes, migrants, and global warming.

Too old to be president?

Although Donald Trump just turned 78, he accuses the 82-year-old Joe Biden of being too old to become the president of the USA again.

The citizens of the USA share similar views. According to a poll by ABC News/Ipsos conducted in February this year, as many as 86 percent of respondents believe Biden is too old to become president for another term. 

Meanwhile, 59 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for the presidency.

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