NewsBiden vows to restore nationwide abortion rights if Congress aligns

Biden vows to restore nationwide abortion rights if Congress aligns

President of the USA Joe Biden
President of the USA Joe Biden
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4:59 AM EST, March 8, 2024

"If Americans elect a Congress that supports the right to choose, I promise you that I will restore a nationwide right to abortion," said President Joe Biden during his annual State of the Union address at the Capitol late Thursday night into Friday.

"If you, the American people, send me a Congress that supports the right to choose, I promise you that I will restore Roe versus Wade as the law of this country,"

Biden mentioned in the address, referring to the landmark Supreme Court decision that had established a nationwide right to abortion, which was overturned by the court in 2022.

President Joe Biden stated that the decision to overturn the right to abortion has led to chaos, citing the situation in Texas, where authorities banned abortion for a woman diagnosed with a fatal fetal condition, forcing her to flee the state.

"What this family went through should never have happened. But it happens to so many others,"

the American president remarked.

In his speech, President Joe Biden also addressed the war in Ukraine. He urged Congress to support the defending country and cautioned Vladimir Putin, warning him that the West will not back down in its support of Ukraine.

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