NewsBiden unveils ceasefire plan as Hamas signals openness to dialogue

Biden unveils ceasefire plan as Hamas signals openness to dialogue

Biden's plan aims to achieve a lasting ceasefire
Biden's plan aims to achieve a lasting ceasefire
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3:24 AM EDT, June 1, 2024

The Palestinian militant organization Hamas "positively" evaluates the content of the proposal announced by U.S. President Joe Biden, it stated on Friday. The American leader's plan focuses on establishing a lasting ceasefire in the region.

"Hamas confirms its readiness to deal positively and in a constructive manner with any proposal that is based on the permanent ceasefire and the full withdrawal [of Israeli forces] from the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction [of Gaza], and the return of the displaced to their places, along with the fulfillment of a genuine prisoner swap deal if the occupation clearly announces commitment to such deal," the group said in a statement.

Israel has made a three-phase proposal for a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops from Gaza's populated areas, and the resolution of the conflict, U.S. President Joe Biden informed on Friday at the White House. According to his administration, the proposal is "nearly identical" to what Hamas demanded a few weeks ago.

Biden's plan

As Biden explained, the proposal, which is the result of U.S. diplomatic efforts, involves an initial six-week complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops from Gaza's populated areas, the release of most hostages and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, as well as the admission of hundreds of trucks with humanitarian aid.

During this time, both sides would negotiate a transition to the second phase of the plan, which involves a permanent end to the fighting and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. The final part of the plan would be a "major reconstruction" project of the Palestinian territory and the release of all remaining hostages.

As Biden pointed out, the offer was made by the Israeli government and transmitted through Qatar to Hamas leaders, and now it is up to them to decide on the next steps.

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