NewsBiden overtakes Trump with a 5-point lead in latest presidential poll

Biden overtakes Trump with a 5‑point lead in latest presidential poll

Poll on support for presidential candidates in the USA
Poll on support for presidential candidates in the USA
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12:24 PM EDT, March 20, 2024

Joe Biden now leads the race for President of the United States, surpassing Donald Trump with a five-percentage-point advantage. This shift highlights Biden's growing momentum in the quest for the White House.

The most recent survey indicates that Biden has a stronger base of support than Trump. Specifically, 43 percent of respondents would cast their vote for Joe Biden, whereas 38 percent favor Donald Trump.

This is a notable improvement for Biden, who, in early December, trailed by three percentage points behind Trump. At that time, the current president had the backing of 35 percent of voters, with Trump slightly ahead at 38 percent.

The data also suggests that Donald Trump's support base has remained static since December of the previous year, while Joe Biden's rise in popularity appears to be at the expense of Robert Kennedy, who is considering an independent candidacy. Kennedy’s backing has dropped from 17 percent to 12 percent.

Political support trends in December 2023

A survey conducted between November 29 and December 4 of the preceding year showed Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden by four percent in the competition for the presidency, as per a public opinion poll by "The Wall Street Journal".

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