NewsBiden faces mounting pressure from within the party to step down

Biden faces mounting pressure from within the party to step down

Joe Biden has had an unsuccessful debate participation
Joe Biden has had an unsuccessful debate participation
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10:54 AM EDT, June 28, 2024

Joe Biden is receiving abysmal reviews following the debate with Donald Trump. Some even want the current U.S. president to withdraw from the presidential race. There are numerous posts on platform X with the hashtag #swapJoeout—some even from politicians within his party.

The debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump took place late Thursday night Eastern Time. Both participants are receiving negative reviews—Trump for lies and spreading disinformation, and Biden for general issues with speech formulation, which many attribute to his age.

The predominant view is that Trump, who is more dynamic, won the debate. The New York Times reports that after the discussion, panic broke out in the Democratic Party headquarters, where the incumbent president Biden belongs. "His halting and disjointed performance on Thursday night prompted a wave of panic among Democrats and reopened discussion of whether he should be the nominee at all," writes the newspaper.

Guys, the Dems should nominate someone else - before it’s too late. #swapJoeout, wrote Andrew Yang on platform X. Yang fought Biden for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden-Trump debate: former Obama advisor also comments

Van Jones, a former advisor to Barack Obama and described by the NYT as a "leading liberal voice," also weighed in. He pointed out Biden's age, noting that many Democrats have previously defended Biden against attacks related to his age. However, the debate on this topic has revived after the clash with Trump, and more Democrats are expressing concern.

I think there’s a lot of people who are going to want to see him consider taking a different course now, Van Jones said on CNN about Biden.

Another politician, a Democratic strategist who has long supported Biden, told The New York Times anonymously that the president "is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside." Parties exist to win. He stated that the man on stage with Trump cannot win, adding that Biden's stance "fuel calls for him to step down."

Mike Murphy, a Trump-opposing Republican, is another person who strongly commented on Biden's performance. Sorry, I’m voting for President Biden but a disaster so far, he noted online.

It’s worse than I believe most people imagined, commented Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House advisor and former associate of Donald Trump.

When are the U.S. elections?

The U.S. presidential elections will take place on November 5, 2024. Never in history has a candidate withdrawn at such a late stage in the race for the White House. Even Democrats who negatively assess Biden's performance in the debate emphasize that it's too late to withdraw from the election, reports The New York Times. According to the newspaper, Biden will not listen to anyone on this issue except his wife, Jill, who has supported him in running for re-election from the start.

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