NewsBiden criticizes Congress' delay in responding to Ukraine's defence needs amid Navalny's death

Biden criticizes Congress' delay in responding to Ukraine's defence needs amid Navalny's death

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Images source: © White House
1:36 AM EST, February 17, 2024

Following reports of Alexei Navalny's death, Biden holds Putin accountable. "Putin is responsible for this death," he posits.

He also remarks on Ukraine's anticipation of financial aid from the United States.

"This tragedy elucidates the importance of the current stakes. We must ensure Ukraine can fend off Putin's heinous war crimes," Biden articulates. "The House of Representatives is under historical scrutiny. Unforgettable would be their support for Ukraine at this critical juncture. This will leave an indelible mark in history. Time is of the essence. This needs to take place promptly.

He goes on to state that there exists no feasibility of rendering aid to Ukraine sans Congress's approval. "But they must choose to act immediately, rather than proceeding on a two-week break. What could possibly be their rationale?" Biden sharply questions, showing evident irritation.

"We must comprehend the implications of Putin's actions. It's essential that we repudiate these perilous declarations made by the former president, who provokes Russia to infringe upon our allies if they don't allocate sufficient funds towards defence, implying Putin can act unrestrained," says Biden.

"This exceeds comprehensible levels of outrageousness. During my presidency, America will honour our commitment to our allies, just as they uphold their obligations to us. Putin should recognize that if anyone assails us, NATO allies will protect us, and we, reciprocally, will defend every portion of NATO territory," Biden affirms.

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