NewsBiden comments on shocking Trump's words about NATO

Biden comments on shocking Trump's words about NATO

Biden comments on shocking Trump's words about NATO
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7:13 AM EST, February 15, 2024

Joe Biden was not holding himself from commenting strongly and precisely on Donald Trump's recent shocking remarks about the NATO alliance and its funding. The backlash of his words was felt and commented on worldwide, including Europe, China, and Russia.

On 13th February 2024, the U.S. Senate approved a ninety-five million dollar bill with financial aid for fighting Ukraine and Israel. The bill also included humanitarian support for Palestinians, being in a gruesome humanitarian state, both in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank.

Joe Biden on Trump's words

In a press conference following the voting, Joe Biden decided to refer to the outraging remarks of the former president of the United States. He did not hold himself from frank and powerful condemnation. The president in office has said that Trump effectively invited Vladimir Putin to invade NATO allies. Biden was not hiding his emotions:

Can you imagine?! A former president of the United States saying that?

His hands were opened as the sign of feeling of absurd and shock.

The whole world heard it... The worst thing is he means it.

Joe Biden explained that, in his view, America is the most trustful country in the world and keeps its promises no matter what. He also added that 'bowing down' to the Russian dictator is not the way America should behave, and any other president or former president of the United States has never done it. Later, he made remarks about Donald Trump's not understanding the whole idea of the NATO alliance and the idea of protecting its values like freedom and sovereignty.

Because for Trump, principles never matter. Everything is transactional.

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The clashes between Biden and Trump are going to continue

With the upcoming presidential election, it is hard to believe that Joe Biden and Donald Trump will stop attacking each other. It seems this fight is only going to be harder and harder. Questions arise about national security and geopolitical stability as crises worldwide continue. One shall see if politicians remain responsible for their words and actions.

Sources: The Guardian, CNN

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