NewsBiden calls for halt: U.S. President urges Netanyahu to cease Gaza conflict

Biden calls for halt: U.S. President urges Netanyahu to cease Gaza conflict

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
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6:19 AM EST, November 8, 2023

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, declared on Israeli television on Tuesday that they are still active within Gaza City and continuing the month-long offensive against Hamas.

"We will not stop," announced the Israeli Prime Minister. He clarified that there will be neither a ceasefire nor fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip until Hamas releases Israeli hostages.

Netanyahu reiterated an appeal to Palestinian civilians, urging them to move to the southern region of the Gaza Strip for their safety.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Joav Gallant, during a television broadcast, described the Gaza Strip as the "largest terrorist base ever built by humanity." He dismissed any chance of a humanitarian pause in military operations until all hostages held by Palestinian terrorists are released.

According to Tuesday evening reports by, an Israeli paratrooper brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (Cahal) unearthed tunnel entrances and found a weapons depot during operations in the northern Gaza Strip, near a university site.

Biden's request

The White House issued a statement on Tuesday evening, indicating that during a phone call earlier that day, President Joe Biden instructed Benjamin Netanyahu to cease the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The same statement confirmed a call between U.S. Vice-President Kamala Harris and Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

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