NewsBiden blames Iran for deadly attack on US base in Jordan: Tehran denies involvement

Biden blames Iran for deadly attack on US base in Jordan: Tehran denies involvement

American soldiers have died. The USA accuses Iran.
American soldiers have died. The USA accuses Iran.
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3:02 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:42 AM EST, March 7, 2024

While campaigning in South Carolina before the elections, Biden requested a moment of silence from the meeting participants, as reported by AP. "We had a difficult night in the Middle East. We will respond," he affirmed.

The president earlier conveyed that the U.S. is aware that the attack originated from one of the many groups in Syria and Iraq supplied weapons by Iran. "We will undoubtedly hold those responsible accountable in our way and on our timetable," Biden declared.

Iran has rejected these allegations. In a recent statement, the Iranian mission to the UN asserted that Tehran had no involvement in the attack that resulted in the death of three US soldiers in northeastern Jordan, close to the Syrian border.

Thirty-four people remain under medical observation following the attack

CNN reports that a drone struck near the living quarters of the small U.S. outpost, Tower 22, located on the Syrian border on Saturday night. This report was verified by two anonymous officials who spoke with the media outlet.

However, the reason why the anti-aircraft defence system failed to dismantle the drone remains unclear. CNN has not released further details.

In a related report, Reuters, citing an American official as its source, revealed that 34 staff members from the military base are currently under medical surveillance. The cause is a potential suspicion of traumatic brain injury.

The Pentagon and the U.S. Department of Defense have not disclosed detailed information concerning the type and severity of injuries sustained. Still, Reuters noted that traumatic brain injuries frequently result from large explosions.

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