NewsBiden and advisors see the end of Netanyahu's political career on the horizon

Biden and advisors see the end of Netanyahu's political career on the horizon

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in Tel Aviv on October 18.
Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in Tel Aviv on October 18.
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7:02 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

US President Joe Biden and his advisors believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political career may be nearing its end, Politico reported on Thursday. During a recent discussion, Biden reportedly signaled this belief to Netanyahu.

As reported by Politico, the potential rapid conclusion of the Israeli Prime Minister's political career was the focal topic of a recent discussion held by President Biden and his advisors at the White House.

Behind the scenes look at Biden's conversation with Netanyahu

The US President allegedly communicated his assessment to Netanyahu during one of their phone calls following his latest visit to Israel, suggesting that the Prime Minister should start considering advice for his presumable successor.

Both former and current representatives of the US administration shared with Politico that the consensus in the White House is that Netanyahu - criticized for allowing the Hamas attack on October 7 and facing international backlash over Israel's harsh actions in the Gaza Strip - may not maintain his position for more than few months and is likely to resign once the first phase of military operations is completed.

There must be a reckoning in Israeli society for what transpired. Ultimately, the prime minister should take responsibility, stated an anonymous official.

During his October visit to Israel, reports by Politico suggest that Biden urged Netanyahu to avoid an expansion of the war through escalation, advised him to concentrate on resolving the bilateral conflict with Palestinians and to use discretion in taking steps beyond "decapitating" Hamas, including refraining from any occupation of the Gaza Strip.

US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson denied that any discussion on Netanyahu's political future took place at the White House, stating that the administration's current focus is solely on the ongoing crisis. However, the website asserted that conversations about war actions are routinely held with a broad range of Israeli politicians, including those from the opposition.

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