NewsBiden accused of obstructing Israel's efforts and spreading false information, claims ex-US ambassador

Biden accused of obstructing Israel's efforts and spreading false information, claims ex‑US ambassador

David Friedman
David Friedman
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6:26 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:39 AM EST, March 7, 2024

"Joe Biden is, to some extent, hindering war efforts by attempting to coerce Israel into engaging in what I believe is termed as 'low-intensity conflict'. This is the kind of message America is sending to Israel," said David Friedman, who served as the US ambassador to Israel during Donald Trump's administration, in an interview with Channel 12.

According to Friedman, Biden's commitment to supporting the Israeli army is not as strong as it was following the Hamas attack in October. In an interview with the Israeli station, the former ambassador cited President Biden's speech from last December, in which he was talking about a "massive bombing of the Gaza Strip by Israel".

"I believe he made a few unsuitable comments. He mentioned massive bombings initiated by Israel, which, in my view, is an outright misrepresentation," Trump's former envoy accused Biden of spreading false information. Friedman also pointed out that Biden consistently advocates for a two-state solution to establish peace in the Middle East, which he believes is currently unfeasible.

Trump's Endorsement

"All this detrimental activity originates from a powerful Iran," Friedman asserted, referring to the attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. "When we left the office, Iran was frail. If we were still in office, Iran would have remained weak," he responded when asked about Trump's recent statement that the events of October 7th last year wouldn't have taken place if he was still president.

Friedman further stated that despite Hamas attacks during his four-year term as ambassador, "The United States never restricted or limited Israel's ability to react". He also predicted that normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia would have occurred if Trump were still in office.

Source: Channel 12

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