EntertainmentBiancardi speaks out on breakup with Neymar amidst infidelity rumors

Biancardi speaks out on breakup with Neymar amidst infidelity rumors

Neymar broke up with the model.
Neymar broke up with the model.
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8:21 AM EST, November 30, 2023

The mother of Neymar's newborn daughter, Bruna Biancardi, has chosen to end her relationship with the Brazilian soccer player only a few weeks after becoming a mother. What led her to make this decision? The model has stepped forward to shed light on the situation.

It's believed that OnlyFans model, Aline Farias, could be a reason behind Biancardi and Neymar's split. Farias disclosed that she had been receiving messages from Neymar, insinuating that there might be an established relationship between them. However, Neymar fervently denies these allegations.

Bruna Biancardi has decided to break her silence, addressing the whole scenario on her social media profile.

Neymar's breakup with the mother of his daughter: Biancardi shares Her side of the story

"This is a private issue, but because I am constantly under the public eye and subject to sensational news, assumptions, and jests, I feel the need to clarify that "I am not in a relationship," she stated.

Biancardi stressed that her only connection to Neymar now is their shared daughter, little Mavie.

Bruna hopes that her straightforward stance will help her dodge further inquiries about her relationship with the well-known Brazilian soccer player.

When probed about his alleged flirtation with Aline Farias, Neymar dismissed it as an old tale and a thing of the past.

"Look at the date... That was years ago," he rebutted the model's accusations on social media.

The messages posted by Farias reveal Neymar asking the model where he could gain access to her revealing pictures. Despite Farias providing him the link, the soccer player supposedly had issues accessing the website. Farias offered her help to log him into the platform.

Notably, when Biancardi was pregnant, Neymar was spotted enjoying himself with two women at a Barcelona nightclub.

"I am aware of what transpired, and once again I am left desolated. Nonetheless, as I'm in the final stage of pregnancy, my priority is my daughter and that's the only thing I would like to focus on at present," she deeply expressed at that time.

Biancardi has now signaled the end of their relationship, adding another challenge to Neymar's plate, who is currently signed with the Arab club, Al-Hilal FC. In October, the soccer player was dealt a heavy blow with a severe knee injury, ruling him out of play for approximately 8 months.

Neymar and Bruna Biancardi
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