NewsBetrayed at Home and War: The Plight of a Russian Soldier's Heartbreak

Betrayed at Home and War: The Plight of a Russian Soldier's Heartbreak

The Russian surrendered at the front. He was in a dress uniform, he told his story.
The Russian surrendered at the front. He was in a dress uniform, he told his story.
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12:01 PM EDT, April 26, 2024

Social media is abuzz with information about a Russian who surrendered in Ukraine. His name is Ivan Dubron, and he shared his story while in a dress uniform. When he was fighting on the front against the enemy, he discovered that his wife had been unfaithful for many months. Desertion, it seems, was likely the result of a very complicated family situation back home.

Social media frequently features recordings of Russian soldiers. These videos often depict their dire conditions, including poor equipment and uniforms. Some confess to only learning the realities of their situation from Ukrainians, having previously believed in Kremlin propaganda without question.

Ivan Dubron, the captured prisoner in question, is 25 years old and hails from Tolyatti. He served in the 89th Regiment as a scout signaler. According to him, his primary motivation was to support his parents financially, as Russia "paid good money." His story aired on the service "X" under the profile "Technicznybdg #FreeTheF16."

Ivan Dubron's parents received a pension of 50 thousand rubles, equivalent to just over $658 a month.

A bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear, and long-term infidelity in Russia

The 25-year-old shared a poignant story. When he left for the front to participate in what was termed a "special military operation," his wife, who proved unfaithful, was left behind.

Returning home, I arrived with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear. She was filming her friend at that very moment. There was no space for me in the bedroom. So, we went to the store for beer. After drinking, she confessed to having been unfaithful while I was away - shared Ivan Dubron.

Continuing his story, Dubron revealed his wife is awaiting... his death because Russia compensates the families of the deceased. - He explained that they provide 12 million rubles (over $157,600 - editor's note) to the parents and the wife.

In the recorded video, Dubron also criticized Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin leadership. - They've lost touch with reality. Their ambition is to take over all of Ukraine for themselves - he concluded.

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