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Best products to combat sun and sea damage

An intensive repair program will restore a young, beautiful look to the skin.
An intensive repair program will restore a young, beautiful look to the skin.
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9:33 PM EST, January 19, 2024

Vacations are a time of carefree enjoyment and days spent at the beach. Unfortunately, our skin does not share in this holiday joy. While we rest and relax, our skin combats numerous challenges like heat, UV radiation, and sea water. Dehydrated, unfirm skin is a common souvenir from vacations. Luckily, this can be addressed. The sooner you turn to products with moisturizing, regenerating formulas that will revive the skin's youthful appearance, the quicker you can say goodbye to this issue. We'll suggest the key ingredients that will act on your skin like a repair elixir and where to find them.

Quenching the skin's thirst

A dehydrated complexion post-summer is a common issue that doesn't discriminate; even those with sensitive and delicate skin are affected. We are all susceptible to sun-aided dehydration, so it's better to avoid sunbathing in the open sunlight whenever possible. The cause of this problem isn't only the high temperatures but also the harmful UV radiation that can destroy the skin's hydrolipid barrier. This results in the disturbance of water balance within the skin, leading to dryness, roughness, and a tense feeling.

To restore the water balance in your skin, consider products that can retain moisture in the deeper layers. One such ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a powerful yet gentle substance that moisturizes the skin and improves its firmness, restoring a beautiful, youthful glow. You can find cosmetics with hyaluronic acid in the extensive range offered by Bingospa. We'd particularly suggest their collagen serum with added hyaluronic acid, as it provides an intense dose of hydration and nourishment for dry skin.

Restoring and firming

It's also beneficial to look for collagen in everyday skincare products. Collagen has numerous beneficial properties, notably its firming, tightening, and rebuilding effects. As a protein naturally found in our skin - essentially, one of its basic building blocks - dried, weakened skin's elasticity can indicate a collagen deficiency. Serum, face cream, or eye cream with added collagen is an intensely regenerating treatment for the skin. Bingospa's skincare products that feature this ingredient are highly recommended as they promise fast, positive results.

A youth serum in a cream

Exposure to the sun, seawater, and high temperatures can lead to drying out the skin and accelerating its aging processes. To counteract this, consider using cosmetics with strong, anti-aging properties post-vacation. Products such as those in the "No needles, no pain" line fall into this category. Their nourishing, reparative, and firming cosmetics, encapsulated in a syringe-like applicator, provide a great and pain-free alternative to aesthetic medical treatments. Options range from retinol serum, a five-acid elixir, and vitamin concentrate to snail mucus preparations. Try these out right after your holiday to combat dryness and loss of firmness. With just a few applications, your skin should regain its beautiful and youthful appearance, leaving you with only the pleasant memories of your vacation.

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