NewsBelarusian Regiment boosts battlefield prowess with new drone division

Belarusian Regiment boosts battlefield prowess with new drone division

FPV drones wreak havoc among the Russians on the front.
FPV drones wreak havoc among the Russians on the front.
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4:01 PM EDT, March 13, 2024
The Kalinowski Belarusian Regiment has recently introduced a section dedicated to First-Person View (FPV) drones. They report that these drones have already made a significant impact on the battlefield, delivering powerful strikes against the enemy from above.
Although Belarusians fought in Donbas a decade ago, it wasn't until the full-scale invasion by Russia that a volunteer unit of Belarusians dedicated to defending sovereign Ukraine was officially established. According to the regiment's website, after two years of combat, this battalion, which initially consisted solely of soldiers from Belarus, has evolved into a professional military force. It now sees itself as the "future army" of Belarus.
The unit pays homage to Wincenty Konstanty Kalinowski, a leader of the January Uprising in Lithuania and Belarus, by bearing his name.
Dzianis Procharau, also known as Kit, who commands the Belarusian regiment in Ukraine, has recently shared that the regiment, now nearly 5,000 strong, includes the international Kościuszko Squad. This squad comprises volunteers from Poland, Canada, France, and other nations.
The regiment emphasizes speed in their operations, with their commander stating, "The speed at which we deal with the enemy depends on how quickly Belarusians can return from emigration to their homeland. Our motto is: 'By freeing Belarus, we free Ukraine.'"
On the second anniversary of Russia's invasion, the regiment released a video declaring their intention to return to Belarus and confront Alexander Lukashenko.
The regiment has already witnessed the effectiveness of incorporating FPV drones into their arsenal, with these drones causing significant damage to the Russian forces. The internet is awash with videos capturing these devastating strikes.
The drone attacks have led to direct hits on targets, inflicting "heavy losses" on the enemy side, including injuries, fatalities, and the destruction of Russian military equipment, as reported by Belsat.
This development demonstrates the regiment's growing capabilities and their determination to make a significant impact in the conflict, showcasing the power of technological advancements in modern warfare.
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