NewsBelarusian propagandists admit to election rigging as Russia gears up for Putin's fifth term

Belarusian propagandists admit to election rigging as Russia gears up for Putin's fifth term

Propaganda in Belarus directly about elections. Are they rigged?
Propaganda in Belarus directly about elections. Are they rigged?
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3:04 PM EST, January 30, 2024

The presidential elections in Russia are coming to an end. Vladimir Putin is preparing for his fifth term. In December, he confirmed to the Donetsk "parliament" marshal that he intends to enter the presidential elections. For the first time in Russia's history, the voting process is set to span three days. Russians are scheduled to go to polling stations in mid-March 2024.

The "United Russia" party declared full support for Putin's candidacy as soon as his decision was announced. As per RIA Novosti, Sergei Ivanovich, the party's chairman, elucidated that they are fully committed to ensuring victory.

The most recent poll conducted by the Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) shows that Putin is trusted by 78% of those polled. Furthermore, 75% of the respondents endorse his actions.

Presidential elections and the shocking propaganda

Objective evaluations of potential candidates in Belarus are not feasible due to the lack of independent public opinion surveys. Large segments of the population express skepticism about the fairness of elections in both countries. Belarusian propagandists openly express this belief, seeing no alternative to Putin and Lukashenko.

The president discusses generational changes, yet does not touch upon the subject of elections. This issue is particularly relevant now as both Russia and Belarus are gearing up for presidential elections. Elections in Russia essentially function as a plebiscite of support, and the same can be said for Belarus. We are pro-peace, sovereignty, collective East, and union with Russia - propagandists express.

Elections, they say, represent sovereignty, victory, and strength. They also stress that no other candidates are present in either country. Any alternative candidates, no matter how they might appear, are undermined as fraudulent.

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