TechBelarus tests its own vehicle, potentially superior to any Russian equivalent

Belarus tests its own vehicle, potentially superior to any Russian equivalent

Armored transporter Volat V2
Armored transporter Volat V2
Images source: © Ministry of Defense of Belarus

7:19 PM EST, November 25, 2023

Belarus, while receiving BTR-82 armored personnel carriers from the Russian Federation, is simultaneously working on its own vehicle - the Volat V2. According to experts, the project is anticipated to surpass any current offerings from its ally.

Plans to create a new armored personnel carrier were initiated in 2010, but the first prototype of the Volat V2 vehicle was only unveiled in 2021. The design was intended as an alternative to the Russian BTR-82 and the VPK-7829 Bumerang prototype model.

Interestingly, Belarus still plans to continue with the development of the new vehicle, despite having signed a contract for the delivery of approximately 30 BTR-82 vehicles from Russia since September 2021.

Belarus persistently works on Volat V2 Carrier

The conversation around the Volat V2 carrier has been reignited, courtesy of a statement from the Belarusian Ministry of Defense. The ministry confirmed that fire tests of the new design are currently ongoing, even though the promotional materials still display images of the prototype.

Experts believe that the lukewarm reception of the BTR-82 may have prompted Belarus to speed up work on the Volat V2 carrier. Belarus is keen to expand its own design, uncertain of future equipment deliveries they can expect from the Russian Federation.

Volat V2 anticipated to be superior to Russian equivalents

Defence Express, a Ukrainian service, reports that the Volat V2 carrier initiative is highly esteemed by experts. The vehicle is designed to be superior to any product that the Russian military-industrial complex can currently produce or offer. The designers prioritized a complete revamp of the engine transmission system and developed a new hydropneumatic suspension.

The Volat V2 features a monolithic hull designed to shield against small arms fire and explosive devices. A 30 mm caliber gun and an anti-tank missile launcher have been incorporated into the design. The vehicle operates with a 550 horsepower engine, which enables it to reach a top speed of 68 miles per hour.

Armored transporter Volat V2
Armored transporter Volat V2© Licensor

This Belarusian machine weighs a total of 24 tons and provides superior protection in comparison to the Russian BTR-82A (a specific variant of the carrier furnished with a 30 mm caliber gun). An added advantage is its modern design, which facilitates upgrades and fosters a future generation of similar machines.

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