NewsBelarus cracks down on political dissidents: a call for global response

Belarus cracks down on political dissidents: a call for global response

Aleksander Łukaszenka
Aleksander Łukaszenka
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12:12 PM EST, January 25, 2024

"The large-scale detentions carried out by Belarusian authorities among former prisoners of conscience and the families of political prisoners necessitates a firm response. Implementing another set of sanctions against Belarus should occur as soon as possible," emphasized the Foreign Ministry on platform X.

The Human Rights Defense Center "Spring" reported on Tuesday about ongoing expansive searches and detentions throughout Belarus. Officers are visiting the families of prisoners and ex-political prisoners who remained in Belarus following their release.

A test of democracy for democratic countries

Pavel Latushka, former Minister of Culture of Belarus, provided information that on the days of January 23-24, over 150 people were detained, arrested, and subjected to political persecution by the KGB.

According to Latushka, these detentions of renowned politicians, journalists, and analysts are a result of alleged "participation in a conspiracy aimed at seizing power in Belarus" by Lukashenko's regime. The former minister and head of the National Anti-Crisis Management explained that the dictator is consolidating power ahead of appointing his deputies to the parliament on February 25.

“Belarus is turning into a North Korea in the heart of Europe. I constantly ask myself: Will international law ever be applied against a dictator and members of his junta? All legal tools are available to our democratic country partners,” Latushka relayed.

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