NewsBelarus bolsters border security as Ukrainian drone activity rises

Belarus bolsters border security as Ukrainian drone activity rises

Belarusians strengthen the border with Ukraine fearing drones
Belarusians strengthen the border with Ukraine fearing drones
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11:31 AM EDT, June 29, 2024

Belarus has reported that its border with Ukraine is now more secure thanks to additional air defense forces. These forces are tasked with protecting "critical infrastructure objects" in light of increasing Ukrainian drone activity in the region, according to Reuters.

Many reports from Russian and Belarusian media or government representatives are part of propaganda. Such reports are part of the information war conducted by the Russian Federation.

Reuters quoted Col. Andrei Sevyaryntsyk, commander of the Belarusian air defense forces, as saying that the airspace over the border is "tense."

"We are ready to decisively use all available forces and means to protect our territory and the population of the Republic of Belarus from possible provocations in the airspace," Sevyaryntsyk said in a statement issued by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

Is Ukraine moving forces?

According to Reuters, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense reported that it allegedly has information indicating that Ukraine has moved a more significant number of forces, weapons, and military equipment to the northern Zhytomyr region, which borders Belarus.

General Pavel Muravyeyka, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, stated that Ukraine has deployed special units, the so-called special forces, at the border with Belarus, reports Nasza Niwa.

Reconnaissance drone over Belarus

On Friday, the independent portal, citing the Belarusian State Border Committee, reported that at the border with Ukraine, Belarusian border guards shot down a reconnaissance drone and discovered a bunker.

The Belarusian border guard reported that it has information about the presence of the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) at the border with Ukraine, in the area of responsibility of the Zhytomyr Border Unit. It was reported that "active intelligence activities" were recorded on this border section.

"Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles are regularly observed to conduct reconnaissance flights along the border," the statement said, adding that attempts by such vehicles to enter Belarusian airspace are being thwarted using weapons and electronic warfare.

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