NewsBeirut airport hacked with warning to Hezbollah leader amid escalating Middle East tensions

Beirut airport hacked with warning to Hezbollah leader amid escalating Middle East tensions

Images source: © X | Visegrád 24

11:09 AM EST, January 8, 2024

According to ABC News, domestic groups opposing Hezbollah were responsible for the hacking of Beirut's international airport screens.

The message displayed in the airport terminal urged caution against pulling Lebanon into a war. It read, "Hassan Nasrallah, you will lose supporters if you burden Lebanon with a war for which you will carry the responsibility and consequences."

ABC News reports that Hezbollah began launching attacks on Israeli military bases and positions near Lebanon's northern border soon after the commencement of the war in Gaza. In response, Tel Aviv has been retaliating with force. The frequency of skirmishes has sharply escalated over the past week due to Israel's planned attack on Beirut, which resulted in the death of Hamas's deputy chief, Saleh Arouri.

In a speech delivered on Saturday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, promised a retaliation, ABC News reports. He denied assertions that his group was seeking a full-scale war with Israel. Despite that, he emphasized that Hezbollah would be ready for a "borderless" war if instigated by Tel Aviv.

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