EntertainmentBehind the pompoms: Jen Rufo's secret life with NBA players

Behind the pompoms: Jen Rufo's secret life with NBA players

The photo is of Jen Rufo.
The photo is of Jen Rufo.
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5:36 AM EST, November 10, 2023

Jen Rufo, an American fitness coach and model, previously served as a cheerleader for the Brooklyn Nets NBA team. On "The Leo & Danny Show" podcast, she divulged details about intimate relationships she had with the team's basketball players. Confessing that over several years, she was involved in sexual relationships with many members of the team.

During her appearance on the widely recognized American podcast "The Leo & Danny Show", Rufo shared her surprising reveal. She cheered for the Brooklyn Nets between 2011 and 2015.

During the discussion, she elaborated on unusual stipulations found in her contract. The contract explicitly discouraged cheerleaders from becoming involved in intimate relationships with the Brooklyn Nets' players, which Rufo had the following comments on:

They don't allow it because there's a belief that sexual activity drains our energy and affects our performance. There was a specific clause in my contract preventing me from getting into "close relationships" with the players. I don't believe similar stipulations exist in player contracts. I think they have free rein.

Advancing in her narrative, she confessed that she disregarded this contract condition and was involved with several players. Even though Rufo kept silent on names, her statement hints at her liaisons including main squad players.

Over the four years I cheered for the Nets, I was involved with half the team. I won't mention names, but they were not reserve players, she expressed.

Her association with the Brooklyn Nets concluded eight years ago. Since then, Rufo has been striving to build an online career. To date, she has amassed around 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Regularly, she posts provocative images trying to grab her fans' attention. The woman behind the controversial revelation also has an account on the OnlyFans platform. Additionally, she once hosted a podcast available on Spotify.

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