LifestyleBed bug invasion: Paris and Europe's battle against a silent, creeping epidemic

Bed bug invasion: Paris and Europe's battle against a silent, creeping epidemic

Bedbugs increasingly closer to Poland
Bedbugs increasingly closer to Poland
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2:27 AM EST, January 25, 2024

The battle against bed bugs is intensifying in Paris at present. These parasitic bugs are now found in public spaces such as movie halls and metros, not just homes. This issue is not limited to metropolitan cities but is also a significant concern in smaller towns.

Bed bugs settling in Paris

ANSES, the Health and Food Agency, published a report in July claiming that from 2017 to 2022, bed bugs have infested more than 10 percent of households in France.

Recently, the problem has escalated. Bed bugs have become common in metros, hospitals, cinemas, trains, and schools. The proliferation of images and videos of these bugs on social media has become alarming. Parisian authorities are concerned that this insect infestation might discourage tourists, especially with the upcoming Olympic Games scheduled for next year.

They're on pillows and in dust particles

Bed bugs are also found in other parts of Europe. In Germany, they're not as prevalent in public transport as in France, but the problem exists in residential areas.

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