NewsBeautiful journalist broke hers fans hearts. With this recording

Beautiful journalist broke hers fans hearts. With this recording

In the photo: Laura Woods
In the photo: Laura Woods
Images source: © photo. Instagram
12:51 PM EDT, October 11, 2023

Among the most popular sports journalists in the world is Laura Woods, who downright attracts fans in front of their televisions. Now, however, this might change, as she has broken their hearts. All because the Brit has found a boyfriend and is no longer single.

Laura Woods is well-known both in the UK and around the world. The journalist can be seen on television during, among other things, football matches. Recently, she even had the opportunity to make her debut during a Champions League match.

To accomplish this, Woods had to change her job. She previously had the opportunity to represent ITV, Amazon Prime Video, or DAZN. She now works for TNT Sports, where she was given the chance to appear during prestigious competitions. The British woman appeared in the studio during the clash between Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Woods handled everything flawlessly. Fans were very pleased as she had the opportunity to appear at the Champions League meeting. In addition, her styling caused a frenzy, which was widely commented on the internet.

However, recently the British woman broke her fans' hearts. She posted pictures on her official Instagram account, in which she was kissing Adam Collard. He gained his popularity from the show "Love Island".

Even though the photos disappeared quickly from Woods' account, fans still managed to notice them. However, they were quite upset by the fact that the beautiful journalist is no longer single.

"This is worse than Hazard's retirement" - one of the fans wrote, because on the same day, the Belgian soccer player ended his soccer career.

Of course, there were envious comments from people who had a crush on the British lady. "He stole my lady" - one of them said.

Indeed, there has been gossip for some time now about Woods' relationship with Collard. However, there was no official confirmation. The recording that briefly ended up on the internet dispelled all doubts.

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