NewsBeautiful gesture after the attack in Brussels. This is how they showed support to the guests

Beautiful gesture after the attack in Brussels. This is how they showed support to the guests

Police in Brussels and shots from the stadium.
Police in Brussels and shots from the stadium.
Images source: © PAP | EPA, Olivier Matthys, Tweeter RTBF Sport
3:09 PM EDT, October 17, 2023

The entire football world has united in the face of tragedy, which occurred in Brussels on Monday. The internet was also flooded with a recording, showing the behavior of Belgian fans showing solidarity with fans from Sweden.

On Monday in Brussels, there was a Euro qualifier match between Belgium and Serbia. Around 3 miles away from the King Baudouin Stadium, a bomber dressed in a distinctive high-vis construction jacket opened fire on a group of pedestrians. As a result of the shooting, two people wearing Sweden's team shirts were killed. The perpetrator escaped from the scene on a scooter.

Information about the tragic event reached the Swedish representatives during a break in the match. The players decided not to continue the game. For safety reasons, the Swedish fans stayed in the stadium, waiting for a police escort.

Belgian media reports suggest that some fans of the Swedish team stayed at the stadium into the late hours of the night. In such difficult circumstances, Belgian fans decided to show support for the visitors.

The Internet has been flooded with dozens of recordings in which you can see Belgian fans shouting words of support. On some of the videos, you can notice the crowd gathered in the stadium chanting "Sweden, Sweden", while other footage recorded the moment when the stadium was shouting out the chant of "Tous ensemble", which means "All together".

The beautiful attitude of Belgian fans has not escaped the attention of the world media. The Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" writes about "fan love". People who comment on videos on social media also show a lot of respect for the behavior of Belgians.

On Tuesday around 4:30 AM Eastern Time, the Belgian crisis staff confirmed media reports that the bomber had been shot by the police. The perpetrator of the brutal attack turned out to be a 45-year-old citizen of Tunisia, who was illegally present in Belgium.

Belgian media reports that the bomber, after carrying out the attack, posted a recording online in which he claimed to be a member of ISIS, and his victims were three, not two Swedes. The Belgian Attorney General believes that the attack on Swedish citizens was in retaliation for the country implementing a second-level terrorism alert.

The first half of the match between Belgium and Sweden ended with a score of 1:1. At the moment, it is not known when the match will be completed. The UEFA did not mention a specific date in Tuesday's statement.

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