EntertainmentBeautician's budget nail hack sparks hygiene debate: Innovation or shortcut?

Beautician's budget nail hack sparks hygiene debate: Innovation or shortcut?

Shocking beautician lifehack. Does she clean nails with a sealant?
Shocking beautician lifehack. Does she clean nails with a sealant?
Images source: © TikTok

8:07 PM EDT, April 18, 2024

A certain TikToker has stirred controversy with a recent video. The beautician shared a money-saving tip she employs—forgoing traditional nail brushes for a surprisingly affordable alternative. This raises questions about the potential impact on her clientele and their reaction to her unconventional approach.

In the current climate, ecological awareness is on the rise. People are increasingly conscious of environmental protection, evident in their waste sorting habits, use of public transport, and participation in recycling initiatives. The popularity of reusable items, such as food containers, cloth bags, and straws, reflects this shift towards sustainability.

Is it an ecological innovation or just a pursuit of profit?

The individual behind the Shark Beauty Bar profile specializes in nail care, sharing both informative and humorous content on TikTok and Instagram. As a nail stylist, she not only practices her craft but also educates others through online seminars. Her social media presence suggests she is predominantly based in Wrocław.

This TikToker ignited significant debate by revealing her cost-cutting strategy. Instead of conventional, disposable nail cleaning brushes, she opts for a budget-friendly, reusable alternative. She crafts these by removing the bristles from plastic brushes and replacing them with about 49 feet of fluffy furniture sealant, which she disinfects and replaces as needed—a method she details in her contentious video.

Public backlash over the controversial method

The concept has met with considerable backlash online, with many expressing concerns over hygiene. Critics argue that the makeshift tool cannot be adequately sterilized, posing a risk of contamination: "I'll pay more, but I demand proper sanitary conditions, not makeshift sealant brushes," "No matter the effort, that much sealant can never be fully sterile. It's a magnet for dust," "This is the best way to deter customers."

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