Tips&TricksBeat the heat of headache! Simple physio tricks to soothe jaw muscles and manage your pain

Beat the heat of headache! Simple physio tricks to soothe jaw muscles and manage your pain

Thanks to these tricks, the headache disappears.
Thanks to these tricks, the headache disappears.
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9:04 PM EST, December 17, 2023

A headache often arrives when least expected, completely paralyzing us. The resulting tiredness, pain, and irritability can impact our tasks and relationships. It becomes especially vexing when there are urgent matters we cannot ignore. In such cases, it is best to implement an effective method used by physiotherapists.

Why does our head hurt?

Our lifestyle significantly influences our health, and prolonged stress can cause tension within the body. It's no surprise that headaches can often appear inexplicably. Attempting to relax or slow down rarely brings the desired relief, which leads to us feeling even more tension, and the headache worsening in frequency and intensity.

The most common perpetrator of a headache is the jaw muscles, which interface the jaw with the cheek. These muscles allow us to speak and eat but can also contribute to headaches. This usually occurs when we clench our jaws under stress or frustration, leading to a blockage within these muscles.

How to alleviate a headache?

It's common sense to respond to tensed jaw muscles by trying to relax them. While it's a good starting point, not everyone knows how to do it properly. Vocal professionals like speakers and singers, who routinely warm up their facial and head muscles, could provide valuable insights. They often refer to these muscles as "hinges" due to their function.

By massaging these muscles, not only could you alleviate the headache, but also potentially improve your diction. Consequently, you could speak more freely and instantaneously relieve stress. An effective method for alleviating a headache involves placing your thumbs under your jaw, and resting the remainder of your fingers on the lobe of your ear. Simply feel the tense muscles under your fingertips and gently squeeze them. After a few seconds, open your mouth but maintain pressure on the muscles. This exercise should be performed for about 10 seconds.

Regardless of the type of headache, you can use this trick.
Regardless of the type of headache, you can use this trick.© Freepik

This method should be practiced multiple times a day to optimize the relaxation of the jaw muscles. Another useful massage technique involves placing your index finger behind your ear and the middle finger in front of it in a 'V' shape. Small, circular movements can be used to massage the muscles, offering impressive results.

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