LifestyleBeat cracked, yellow heels with this cheap pharmacy miracle ointment

Beat cracked, yellow heels with this cheap pharmacy miracle ointment

What to do when heels have turned yellow?
What to do when heels have turned yellow?
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8:03 PM EDT, May 12, 2024

Yellow, cracked heels are a common concern, especially noticeable after winter as we transition into lighter footwear. An effective remedy for this issue is an affordable ointment available at any pharmacy for just a few dollars.

Many people grapple with yellow, cracking heels due to various factors. Being overweight, which increases pressure on the feet, metabolic issues, skin conditions, and posture defects are among the most common causes.

Therefore, it's advisable to undergo a comprehensive medical examination and consider a home treatment routine. This dual approach can effectively address yellow heels and expedite the resolution of this awkward issue.

Problems with heels? Focus on care

Consistent care is the cornerstone of combating dry, yellow heels, and it is important not just during the warmer months but year-round. However, if problems do arise, there are still solutions available.

Soaking the feet and gently removing dead skin are critical first steps. Remember to replace your foot scraper regularly to avoid bacterial buildup.

Cheap pharmacy ointment: A solution for yellow heels

Proper hydration is the subsequent phase. While many drugstore cosmetics can aid in this, an economical ointment containing vitamin A proves to be an excellent choice. This inexpensive ointment moisturises and, more crucially, regenerates the skin, offering quick relief from cracking and yellowing heels.

For those facing foot and heel issues, it's also essential to stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, and opt for natural, "breathable" materials over synthetic socks.
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