LifestyleBears love ice-cold lasagna. Here's the proof

Bears love ice‑cold lasagna. Here's the proof

Bear pulls out a cold lasagna from the fridge.
Bear pulls out a cold lasagna from the fridge.
Images source: © TikTok, arkbykomi | Helena Houlis
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6:58 AM EDT, October 20, 2023

An unusual guest made its way into a house in Connecticut. The goal of its visit turned out to be the fridge, from which it pulled out a dish - according to the homeowner - lasagna. After the bear got its coveted meal, it left the premise. Everything was captured on camera.

A video has surfaced on social media that quickly won the affection of internet users. Helena Houlis, a resident of Connecticut, shared footage recorded by cameras installed in her home. They caught a bear who, in a manner familiar to him, found his way into the house. He quickly made himself at home.

In search of food

A few cameras situated throughout the house recorded an unusual guest. At first, a bear can be seen shyly looking around the living room. From there, it went straight to the kitchen, specifically to the refrigerator. It opened it with its massive paw and pulled out a large portion of lasagna.

Along with his loot, the powerful guest squeezed himself through the open kitchen window. A camera mounted outside managed to still capture him as he walked slowly through the yard, from where he then sneaked off between the trees.

Guest at the picnic

A similar situation occurred during a family picnic at Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico. There, however, a close encounter with a wild animal could have ended in tragedy. As WP Tourism reported, at one point a bear approached the family who, without asking for permission, climbed onto the table and started helping itself to the prepared snacks. Fortunately, the animal was not aggressive and everything ended in fear and eaten dishes. When it had consumed everything, it simply left.

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