NewsBear drags wounded deer off-road in shocking video surfacing from Slovakia

Bear drags wounded deer off‑road in shocking video surfacing from Slovakia

Deer pulled to the side by a bear.
Deer pulled to the side by a bear.
Images source: © Facebook

12:54 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Nature has many faces, often quite surprising ones. A Slovak politician found this out firsthand when he posted an unusual video online, taken during a drive.

A short video surfaced on Filip Kuffa's Facebook profile. It captures an incident involving two wild animals: a bear and a deer.

A wounded deer lies in the middle of the road. However, we cannot determine the circumstances that led to its current condition - it might have been hit by a passing car.

Interestingly, a bear enables its removal from the road. The powerful beast attempts to drag the wounded deer off the road; the task is completed shortly afterward.

Unfortunate beginnings. This was not a rescue mission for the deer

Sadly, this likely doesn't represent an act of kindness by the bear. It appears that the bear opted to seize a potential meal - the deer, due to its injuries, was unable to resist the powerful bear.

The tragic ending is captured in a photo shared by Filip Kuffa as a comment under the film. We see a deceased deer, unable to survive the encounter with the bear.

The video, filmed near the city of Hriňova (Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region), has garnered widespread attention. The video has already garnered over 1.3 million views, and viewers have noted the harsh reality of nature's self-governance, as seen in this unusual event.

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