LifestyleBe careful what you say around the dog. It understands more than you think

Be careful what you say around the dog. It understands more than you think

The dog understands more than you think - illustrative picture
The dog understands more than you think - illustrative picture
Images source: © Adobe Stock | Kirill Sirotiouk

10:34 AM EDT, September 29, 2023, updated: 9:11 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Have you ever directed a few words at your pet? Scientists claim that dogs understand us more than we assumed. A simple experiment and the reaction of quadrupeds is to be the proof of this.

Everyone likes to hear something good about themselves - including our dogs. A simple experiment shows that dogs change their behavior after we direct a few kind words to them. The recording is endearing to Instagram users.

Do dogs understand human speech? Just look at this recording

For every individual, words of praise and appreciation are very important factors in building self-confidence and self-esteem. When we watch a video that is circulating on Instagram, it is clear that praise also matters to our four-legged friends.

In the mentioned material, we see several animals, before and after they heard that they are good dogs. It is immediately noticeable that after words of praise, the four-legged pets appear much happier.

In this case, the intonation of the voice is also very important. Let's strive to reward the dog with a gentle, calm, and friendly tone. In this way, we will establish a bond with our pet and clearly communicate that they can feel cared for and safe in our company.

Not just praise. Dogs understand much more

Quadrupeds are able to encode in their memory what individual words mean. If we have ever watched social media videos with funny animals, we have definitely come across those showing a dog's reaction to the word "walk". Here's another important note - if we talk next to the animal and do not intend to take it for a walk at all, it's better to avoid this word. Otherwise, we may strain its trust.

Research published in "Applied Animal Behaviour Science" has proven that more trained dogs can even distinguish up to 200 words from human speech. This is evident from the various reactions of the dogs to specific phrases.

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