LifestyleBaywatch star Nicole Eggert regrets youthful plastic surgery amidst breast cancer battle

Baywatch star Nicole Eggert regrets youthful plastic surgery amidst breast cancer battle

Nicole Eggert regrets her breast augmentation surgery.
Nicole Eggert regrets her breast augmentation surgery.
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10:03 AM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:44 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Her portrayal of Roberta "Summer" Quinn in "Baywatch" garnered her significant popularity. While viewers relished the scenes of Nicole Eggert running along the beach in a swimsuit, the young actress of the time didn't feel quite comfortable with it. Surprisingly, she had pretty significant insecurities.

Eggert regrets breast enlargement

What made the iconic 90s show famous was not necessarily a pleasurable experience for the actress herself. Nicole Eggert confessed that the recurrent beach scenes filmed in slow motion were discomforting for her.

Despite being an undeniable beauty whose body was admired by millions of viewers worldwide, she felt that she didn't look good in a swimsuit and wore it with reluctance. Back then, she was battling immense insecurities.

One of these was about her breast size, which she felt was too small. As a result, the then 18-year-old decided to undergo breast implant surgery. However, in 2015, she chose to have breast reduction surgery.

Currently, she opines that plastic surgery at such a young age is not an advisable decision. She shares this message in hopes of reaching teenagers who may have similar reservations.

Battling illness

Nicole Eggert is dealing with health challenges. The actress has been diagnosed with stage two lobular breast cancer.

In just three months, she gained over 24 pounds and experienced excruciating pain in her left breast. Initially, the 51-year-old interpreted this as typical symptoms of menopause. Regretfully, the actual cause turned out to be far more concerning.

Detecting a lump during a self-examination led her to consult a doctor. The subsequent test results were far from favorable. She is now facing a lump removal operation, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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