EntertainmentBanksy strikes again: New artwork on South London stop sign stolen within an hour

Banksy strikes again: New artwork on South London stop sign stolen within an hour

Banksy created a new work.
Banksy created a new work.
Images source: © Instagram: Banksy | Instagram: Banksy
7:41 AM EST, December 23, 2023

Well-known to art enthusiasts globally, the elusive artist, Banksy, remains anonymous. His reputation is largely built on his socially engaged art. He typically broaches subjects of war, violence against children, and migration in his works. His paintings and murals, which often fetch millions of dollars, are highly coveted.

Banksy's latest installment in London

Banksy has claimed his presence once more. In the southern district of Peckham in London, he installed three airplane models resembling military drones onto a stop sign. His official Instagram page displayed the project, confirming his authorship. Interestingly, he chose not to include any captions with the images.

The drones, instead of being painted on the sign, are three-dimensional models affixed to it, creating a protruding effect. The exact location of the installation is still unknown. At around 7:30 AM Eastern Time, thieves removed the sign located at the intersection of Southampton Way and Commercial Way. The artwork vanished in less than an hour following its post on Banksy's profile.

In the comments section, several observers have pointed out that Banksy is among the few global artists who shed light on the Palestine-Israel conflict. The artist has previously created installations in the Gaza Strip, and his art has made reference to genocide, wars, and violence.

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