LifestyleBanish winter hair static with this homemade trick

Banish winter hair static with this homemade trick

Spray the cap with homemade liquid. Your hair won't get static.
Spray the cap with homemade liquid. Your hair won't get static.
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5:42 PM EST, November 16, 2023

Fall has come, bringing along the season of scarves, hats, and hair that's prone to static. How can we eradicate it? Check this simple, homemade trick.

Dealing with hair that sticks up due to static is definitely troublesome. Sadly, some materials, especially synthetic ones, are more likely to build up static and cause an unpleasant "shock". The dry indoor air from heating during the cooler seasons further contributes to the issue. So, how can we prevent our clothes or other items from building up excessive static? Fortunately, there are tried and tested methods.

Simple strategies to combat static in your clothes

If clothing is the problem, the best solution would be to opt for natural fabrics. These are not only more gentle on the skin, but they also won't unexpectedly "shock" us. Polyester is notably the biggest enemy. Therefore, it's worth checking the composition even before purchasing hats and scarves - the simpler, the better. Mixed fabrics usually cause more static, which could be especially damaging to the hair, given that hats are in direct and prolonged contact with it.

Generally, during the fall-winter season, pay close attention to the health of your hair and scalp. It's essential to maintain proper hydration and nourishment. Dry hair not only accumulates static more readily but also loses its appealing look. Constantly humidifying rooms during the heating season may help as well. Investing in professional humidifiers or simply adding potted plants to your rooms could work - they not only furnish the room but also enhance the air quality.

Homemade antistatic spray: give it a try

The simplest solution, of course, involves using an antistatic spray. Although it's readily available in stores, it's also easy to make on your own. Simply combine a cup of distilled water, a tablespoon of glycerin (found in pharmacies), and 4 tablespoons of vinegar. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle (it could be one from a previously used cosmetic product) and spray liberally on static-prone clothes. It's as if static issues disappear, like magic.

Alternatively, you can quickly spritz your hair with hairspray or, if you lack hairspray, rub it with a piece of aluminum foil - from top to bottom. This trick provides a temporary solution, but for long-term results, you should prioritize caring for your beautiful locks and keeping them properly hydrated.

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