Tips&TricksBanish holiday grease stains for good: Surprising home remedies you need to know

Banish holiday grease stains for good: Surprising home remedies you need to know

Greasy stains on the tablecloth will no longer be a problem.
Greasy stains on the tablecloth will no longer be a problem.
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2:59 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Christmas Eve is a time to feast, so the appearance of stains on the tablecloth should not be a shock. Although it may be risky to use your finest tablecloth, any blemishes it acquires can be easily cleaned. A few household items such as potato flour, dish soap, or gasoline are all you need. Each of these products is capable of breaking down grease and stains. However, it's important to know the correct application and timing of each remedy to maximize its effectiveness.

Eliminate the fear of tablecloth stains

After our first holiday meal, I found myself with a problem: our tablecloth was ridden with food stains. Between someone spilling borscht and a child dropping food, my pristine white tablecloth rapidly transformed into an abstract masterpiece. The regular washer load with a laundry pod was insufficient, and I needed a way to extract the stains from the fabric. I conducted a small experiment, applying different remedies to individual stains. The results exceeded my expectations!

I addressed the largest stains with traditional dish soap. Its designed to remove grease from dishes, so it seemed logical to use it on fabric. I sprinkled potato flour on a few stains due to its absorbing properties. The powder is best when rubbed into the stain and allowed a moment to work. This method is highly recommended for delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere, which makes it useful to recall next time you spoil your clothes. If you don't have flour readily available, powdered chalk can serve as a suitable substitute.

Looking for more solutions to greasy stains?

The options for removing stains don't end there. Some online tips suggested gasoline as an effective agent for greasy stains and, curious, I decided to try it on a stain. However, if you opt to use this method, ensure to proceed outdoors or with an open window. Prolonged inhalation of gasoline fumes can have damaging effects on your health. Ideally, use this method on thicker fabrics that are generally harder to cleanse of grease.

For older, well-set stains, a solvent might be the best solution. Just like with gasoline, make sure to use this in a well-ventilated area to prevent the possible hazards of inhaling fumes. If you have a vibrantly colored tablecloth, it's wise to test the solvent on a hidden area first. The solvent could potentially be too concentrated and could end up discoloring the fabric permanently instead of cleansing it. Pure alcohol, although less potent, functions similarly but presents less risk of permanent damage or discoloration to the fabric. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to keep a stash of pure vodka at home to tackle stubborn tablecloth stains.

Stain on the shirt
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