Tips&TricksBanana peels: Your secret weapon against dusty houseplants

Banana peels: Your secret weapon against dusty houseplants

The woman is wiping the leaves of plants.
The woman is wiping the leaves of plants.
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1:43 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Regrettably, even in a spotless and organized apartment, dust can accumulate in vast amounts. Regular removal is crucial since, as specialists argue, excessive dust can be harmful to our health. This is largely due to dust mites hidden within. Not only can dust impact human health and functionality, but it can also be harmful to plants. It's important to understand that potted plants are major dust magnets. Dust and dirt often gather on their leaves, which not only looks unattractive but can also hinder plant growth. This is due to longstanding dust that can limit photosynthesis processes and block the stomatal apparatus in plants.

How to effectively eliminate dust from your plants?

There are various methods to clean leaves from dust but it's important to handle this task gently to avoid damaging your plants. The usual recommendation for cleaning leaves is wiping them with a damp cloth, and doing so regularly. If you have a particularly fragile or delicate plant, it might be safer to substitute the cloth for a cotton swab or earbud. For smaller plants that have hairy-type leaves, a clean, dry, soft brush will be most effective. This method is suitable for plants like the African violet, as well as for cacti or plants in the Crassulaceae family. However, there's another simple cleaning trick that not only helps you remove dust from the leaves but also provides a beautiful shine.

Add some homemade shine!

If you want your plant leaves to be clean and shiny, like they've been tended to with pricey sprays or as if they're fresh from the florist, you should try this homemade hack. You'll need banana peels for this, so after enjoying the fruit, remember not to discard the peels, but safely store them instead. When you have a banana peel ready, gently wipe the inner side over your plant leaves. This accomplishes the triple effect of cleaning, nourishing, and shining your leaves all at once. This method is easy and very effective.

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