NewsBallet dancer's fatal anaphylactic shock: Vanilla cookie with undisclosed peanuts at center of controversy

Ballet dancer's fatal anaphylactic shock: Vanilla cookie with undisclosed peanuts at center of controversy

Tragic death of the dancer
Tragic death of the dancer
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2:13 AM EST, January 28, 2024

This incident took place in the United States earlier this month. Originally from East Lancashire, Baxendale had relocated to New York to advance in her ballet career. The mishap occurred in Connecticut at a social gathering.

Reports from Sky News, citing state services, indicate that the vanilla cookie originated from the supermarket chain Stew Leonard's.

The deadly cookie contained peanuts, an ingredient that wasn't listed.

Searching for Responsibility

In response to the incident, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to recall approximately 500 packages of cookies sold between November 6 and December 31.

Stew Leonard Jr., president and CEO of the retail company, pointed out in a video recording released on Wednesday that their supplier, Cookies United, had changed the recipe from soy nuts to peanuts without informing their safety director.

Contrarily, Cookies United asserted that they informed Stew Leonard's about the peanut ingredient as early as July of last year. They also claimed that all products delivered to the retailer were correctly labeled.

The supplier continues to insist that it was Stew Leonard's who created an incorrect label.

In a statement, the bereaved family of Orla Baxendale described her as a unique individual, a beautiful and vibrant person, always believing and achieving her dreams. "She traveled the world dancing and lived her life to its fullest every day," they recounted.

Source: Sky News

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