EntertainmentBalenciaga's towel skirt. Luxurious step-up everyday object or 650 euro folly?

Balenciaga's towel skirt. Luxurious step-up everyday object or 650 euro folly?

Balenciaga skirt made of towel
Balenciaga skirt made of towel
Images source: © @balanciaga

9:04 AM EST, January 17, 2024

Balenciaga unveiled this towel skirt in early October 2023 as part of its Spring 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Fans flocked to TikTok and Instagram in droves to voice their opinions on propelling a commonplace object to the status of luxury attire. While some found it amusing, others labeled it utterly ridiculous.

The topic regained momentum on November 15th when it was revealed that the skirt was not merely a provocative element featured in the show and photo shoot, but was also set for regular sale.

Clothes and accessories from high-end brands outshine their more affordable counterparts in terms of quality. These products, fashioned from superior fabric, boast superb tailoring and fine-sewn detailing from top-notch tailors. Such items not only last longer but some even appreciate over time.

These luxurious items also come with a substantial markup. Hence, the adage "you pay for the tag" holds true to a certain extent. For instance, the "Balenciaga" tag has been one consumers have been willing to shell out for quite some time, although this has not always been the case.

Demna Gvasalia of Georgia has been Balenciaga's creative director since 2015. Although the brand was established in 1919, by the time Gvasalia stepped in, it had become a respected but inert institution. Gvasalia infused a perfect blend of novelty and provocation, reviving Balenciaga's status among the world's top fashion houses.

Much like his own brand, Vetements, Gvasalia frequently experiments at Balenciaga, redefining both fashion and luxury. At a recent show, guests spotted placards on their chairs that read: "Fashion has become a form of entertainment which often clouds its true essence, that lies in shape, volume, and silhouette."

Just like any other experiment, Gvasalia's experiments are sometimes less successful and sometimes more successful. Where will the towel skirt stand on this scale? Ultimately, it's up to the consumers to decide - especially considering the skirt is a unisex model.

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