TechBAE Systems will build new generation of submarines. Clear signal to China

BAE Systems will build new generation of submarines. Clear signal to China

SSN-AUKUS - the ship will be built in collaboration with three powers.
SSN-AUKUS - the ship will be built in collaboration with three powers.
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1:33 PM EDT, October 2, 2023, updated: 9:03 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

BAE Systems, the largest arms manufacturer in the UK, has been selected to carry out a contract worth £3.95 billion ($4.792 billion). The company's task will be to build modern submarines. The decision to award the contract was announced by the UK government. The construction of the ships is part of a defense agreement between the USA, UK, and Australia.

In March, these countries, as parties to the agreement, presented plans to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to Australia by the end of the 1930s. The purpose of this initiative is to counter the growing ambitions of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

SSN-AUKUS - another step towards building ships

Information about the new SSN-AUKUS submarines was released by the British government on Sunday. The new vessels will be used by both the Royal Navy and the Australian navy. The first vessels, which are to replace the currently serving Astute-class units, are expected to enter service in the early 1930s. The vessels for Australia are expected to begin service at the beginning of the next decade.

BAE Systems has announced that the SSN-AUKUS will be the largest, most powerful, and most advanced submarine ever to serve in the Royal Navy. In addition, the company has announced that the financial resources from the contract will allow for development work to be funded through 2028. The production of ships is set to begin towards the end of the current decade.

Submarines will be mainly built in the shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness, located in the northwest part of England. At this location, BAE Systems already employs around 10,000 people, which represents one quarter of the total number of the company's employees in the UK. The company informed that the completion of the contract will create 5,000 new jobs.

SSN-AUKUS - a powerful submarine

The SSN-AUKUS (AUKUS is an acronym for the names of the countries involved in the agreement (Australia – United Kingdom – United States) will be creating a fleet of conventionally armed submarines with nuclear propulsion (Ship Submersible Nuclear, SSN). As reported by Naval News, they will replace the Collins-class submarines with Diesel engines currently serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

The ships will integrate the most modern technologies from all three countries. Naval News service explains that the integration of propulsion systems, sensors, and weapons, as well as a common Vertical Launch System (VLS) in SSN-AUKUS, will be based on Virginia-class technologies from the USA. SSN-AUKUS will be equipped to carry out reconnaissance, observational, combat, and strike missions.

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